MP3Tag Possible Malware

Hi folks,

I have a delimma with MP3Tag2.44H Freeware … I wonder if I have a very Smart TROJAN.

I have scanned the .EXE installer of this program thru “VirusTotal” and came back totally “Clean”. But when I tried to install it, according to my “Comodo Firewall” (the latest version) … MP3TAG installer tries to TAKE CONTROL of my SuperAntiSpyware, Camera Assistant Software, My Bluetooth, My Modem, My Firewall, … on & on! See this post that I made on the MP3TAG Forums … MP3Tag Forums Post

Q1: If Comodo is ALERTING me to these functions … should I worry about it or should I just IGNORE Comodo Firewall?

BTW, I am running my Comodo Firewall in “SAFE” Mode!

Q2: Why is Comodo ALARMING in on a software that VirusTotal has given it a Clean Rating? Are these False Positives?

Any input or guidance would really be appreciated … since I really need a MP3TAG tool to deal with my MP3’s.


G! :slight_smile:

Hi gonwk,

Sorry for the delay reply.
Q1:when u install some softwares,pls use the install mode.
Q2:If u think they are FPs,u can make a new post here to report this,and we will check this out and get back to u.
If any questions,pls let us know.

Thanks and Regards,