Mozy conflict? And relentless Firefox CPF activity...

I’ve been using Comodo Firewall for several days now and for the most part it seems good. My concerns are that after scanning for known apps, and proactively adding other programs to the okay list:

  1. My Mozy backup keeps saying that it can’t access it’s servers. I’ve removed the Mozybackup and Mozyconfig from the okay list, shut down, then re-added them again as approved programs, but still I can’t get through. I don’t see CPF blocking it, the green lights are on as well. When I had NIS, this happened once, but by deleting the Mozy exe’s from the approved list then adding them back in, all was resolved (happened when Mozy updated).

  2. I keep getting numerous incidents of Firefox needing approval. Very big hassle. Seems like I’m always clicking.

  3. When CPF show 1 of 3, if I click okay and remember on the first one, I never get to the 2nd, 3rd, etc. What do I do there?

  4. Can one subscibe to a thread here?

This may well be my inexperience with the program, not the fault of the program. I’ll give Comodo the benefit of the doubt here.

Welcome to the forums.

Are you using the latest Beta or Official release?

I am not familiar with Mozybackup, so I cannot offer any help there.

I know that there are some issues with the application rules that will be resolved in the next Beta due tomorrow, but this would not fix repeated firefox popups where a new parent was detected… i.e. launching browser by clicking a link in an e-mail, or by clicking a URL in an applications Help/About form… each of these would be a new parent.

1 of 3 is most likely counting the number of attempts the application has made while waiting for access. If they were all asking fo rthe same level of access, answering the first popup would have answered all 3.

Typically you are already subscribed to a thread you started, but you can click the “Notify” on the bottom of any opther thread you with to monitor. Also check your Forum profile for other settings.

I’m using v, not the beta. Would you suggest I switch to the beta tomorrow for better functionality?

Can anyone there assist with this Mozy problem?

Is there ever an end to the relentless parent stuff?


You need to upgrade your CPF immediately. You are using the oldest version. You can download and install CPF from the web site.


Chamlin, you are checking the version number on Launchpad, and not the firewall. You have to open the firewall-window and click on about to see it.

Please note, I’m frustrated, not ungrateful, nor am I deterred from utilizing this great program so generously offered. That being said…arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. (:AGY)

Well, doesn’t this hurt like hell. I note my version number, am genuinely and helpfully instructed to update to a new version, do so, which uninstalls the program and reinstalls the program. During the process, a kind stranger walks by and notices that I gave the wrong version number because I took it from the wrong screen.

I had the latest version. Now I have to click the ■■■■ pop ups 1,000 times just to get back to where I was. Much pain.

Does this clicking ever end? With NIS (no offense meant here, remember, I canned the ■■■■ thing), I set the approval and it was fine.

Upon scanning for programs Comodo didn’t even register Thunderbird.

When I’m adding programs, what should I do about the parent version thing. Skip, learn, ignore?

Any other guidance will be greatly appreciated.

The current beta ( is IMHO much better than the latest release version (… the one you currently have. But, today… NOW… according to my watch… a brand new 2.3 beta is due to be released. And from what’s been said by the COMODO people this is almost a release candidate. It’s that close now.

So, I recommend that you wait & watch the forums to observe the reaction of this new release and if it’s good… then download & install it with all possible haste.

Like Kail say… wait for the beta release today (hopefully), before you flush your computer down the toilette…
About popups… The problem is that people just can’t go out on the web today, and stay clean, if you don’t have knowledge about allowing and blocking things… :frowning:
Trojans and other stuff is getting smarter, so they use common programs as parents to sneak out of your computer, out to the www and give your passwords and other stuff away to a**holes…
You have to use antivirus, antispyware and a firewall, and know how to set them up. It’s annoying, i know… for now, we have to live with that… but hopfully Comodo will do something about it… they seem serious and have great help from the community here to improve their products. You are welcome to join. :slight_smile:
CPF is all about security, and the price you have to pay is popups… there will be less popups after a while when you allow/block them and click in the “remember” box. Some firewalls won’t give you to many popups, but it won’t protect you as good as CPF…
I can tell you why I decided to try CPF. I did get Norman antivirus and firewall with my computer (3 year subscription). First, it had about 15! processes running… second, it failed in 18 of 19 of the (mostly) leaktests i tried with it… so I tried CPF instead, and it did pass all tests. I have Nod 32 antivirus (haven’t tried Comodo antivirus yet) and It’s great. Now I have 4 processes running with both programs running, instead of 15…
If you ask me, I recommend that you hang out here at Comodo, not because they are free, but because they are great security products that are improving all the time. Most important, they try to listen to the users needs when they improve their products, and they seems to be innovative too…
Puh, sorry for the long post…

Thanks for the input and guidance,

I’m sticking with CPF. Just have to live through the popups and assist my wife through it, as she really has no clue what an .exe file is, a parent, etc. Irritating for me, but stressful for her because if I’m not home, she feels stuck. She’s not at all technically inclined and thus will NOT be studying this. We’ll see what happens. I may have to get a less secure fw for her system. The NIS hog didn’t bother her much, even though it slowed her system down a lot.

We’re using:
CPF (free)
NOD32 (paid)
Spy Sweeper (paid)
Spywareblaster (I rarely use IE, just for sites that require it instead of Firefox) (free)
Spybot (free)
Ad-Aware (free)
Super AntiSpyware (free)

We don’t frequent sites likely to “injure us”, but one never knows.


Hi Guys,

Just out of curiosity, how many of you activate “Automatically approve safe applications” option? It seems to me that many of our users do not like to use it. It is a great feature for you. The concept is “Just install and forget unless there is something serious”. Otherwise, CPF will show much more popups.


I have disabled this feature. The reason being that I like to be prompted for any communication (be it safe or bad). Alot more work for me but I prefer it that way. I can see this feature being usefull for users unfirmiliar with firewalls.


In the advanced security configuration, everything is checked, including “Automatically approve safe applications”, except the ones that weren’t checked off by default:

Secure the host while booting


Secure against trojan protocols

Should these be checked off too? And are you saying that if the “Automatically approve safe applications” wasn’t checked off the popups would be worse??? (:SAD)

Please check last post:

In the advanced security configuration, everything is checked, including “Automatically approve safe applications”, except the ones that weren’t checked off by default:

Secure the host while booting
Secure against trojan protocols

Should these be checked off too? And are you saying that if the “Automatically approve safe applications” wasn’t checked off the popups would be worse???