Mozilla firefox - is there any support

I may be missing something but it seems that the VE does not support Firefox, of course it may well be that I dont know what I am doing, but it does not seem to work for me.


VE does support firefox. VE may need to be installed after installing FireFox, however so if you’ve just installed FireFox you may need to reinstall VE for it to work.



The VE does not work in either of my Windows XP machines with SP2.
It worked only once when first installed…and only on one banking site, nothing else.

Ill pass on this one.

VE works fine, what browser are you using - can you give any more details of your system?



Sorry, I forgot to clarify. I AM using Firefox 1.5.04. The VE installed fine and worked on the first try but that was it. Reinstalling did the same thing.

Any help will be appreciated.

Does VE work on the banking site it originally worked with?
Can you try some other sites like:

VE should work on these sites’ logos. It may be the banks you visited have not been added to VE. If this is the case can you add them here:,69.0.html


I use the same version of Firefox and VE works perfectly with it.

Same here, even the new beta.

Hi TPH and TrickyDicky,

We have had a few reports to our support team about VE having problems with Firefox 1.5.04.

Could I ask one of you to mail our support team on and ask for your email to be forwarded to me (Shane McGillian) directly? I will assign a developer to work on this issue to find the cause of the problem and rectify it as quickly as possible.

Thanks in advance,


What about with the new Firefox release

My observation(s) with firefox

  • VE comments on SSL sites
  • the VE comments are displayed when I mouse over the URL in the lower right corner

Like m0ng0d said. There appears no problems here.


Hi justin1278,

There does seem to be a problem with some system configurations for VE and Firefox rather than just the Firefox version. We are very eager to fix this problem and in testing it has not shown up (yet) due to the infinite system configurations that are possible in the wild.

If you (or any user reading this) are experiencing difficulties with VE and Firefox, could you contact support and ask for your email to be forwarded to me and we’ll do everything possible to locate and correct this fault.

Thanks in advance,

New observation…

  • on an HTTP page like Google, VE will only work if you are on the homepage… not on a search result page (child page)