Mozilla Firefox Fans — News: Winner of Firefox 4 Home Page Tab Design

I already find Firefox 3.6 RC1 fast, so that must mean 3.7 will be superfast. ;D

Check your numbers, when all versions of all browsers are included, IE still has a rather large lead. That is the only way to measure user numbers.

Yep, according to most mesuring sites the good old IE6 is still the browser with most users… Tightly followed by IE8 and then Firefox… Browser market share

Microsoft Internet explorer has the majority of users for sure…

IE may have the most users, but most are newbies. :stuck_out_tongue:

IE comes with Windows by default, you know. 88)

3.6 is pretty fast. But Chromeplus is still faster for me

That’s irrelevant. IE is still used by more people than any other browser.

I could also just as easily say that most of the FF users are sheep who have been misled by so called experts as you saying that most IE users are newbies.

Depends. I’m just explaining why IE has so many users. :stuck_out_tongue:

It may be used by more than any other browser, but quite a few don’t know of anything else. 88)

I know a few people who used IE, and didn’t know about anything else, until I told them about Firefox. Most liked FF after I showed them.


Any as for use Firefox users being “misled sheep”, I think that most people who know enough to find Firefox also know enough to research it a bit for themselves. Anyway, you can always compare it to IE which is always on your machine.

The TRUTH is…

People who is Employed on a Private / Government Companies most likely used IE and in some cases, FF will not work or not permitted by there network that’s why they cannot use FF. Majority of People using FF is Outside the work premises. Majority of ASIAN Countries uses FF specially on the Internet Cafe here in Philippines because of the speed when it comes to browsing and security on the net as well. for how many years on repairing PC’s, majority of the owner uses FF that’s why I firmly believed that FF has a more number of users than IE.

More speed for FIREFOX users!!! :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■
:■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■
:■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

Well the key word is “most” in both cases. I have tried FF, in every version they have released and have always dumped it after about an hour because I found it no faster than IE in the ways I use a browser and also because I didn’t like some of it’s features that were different. The one feature in particular that I don’t like is the download interface. I find IE’s to be much simpler and easier to use. Another big factor in my decision to retain IE is that most of the clean up utilities you can get work the best with IE. I also don’t like that you have to download and install add-ons to bring FF up to the usability and security that IE8 now has straight out of the box. I do not use ad blockers or script blockers or anything like that. I want pages to display as they were designed without having to push buttons to allow things to show. The only things I block are popups.

That’s where you and I differ. :stuck_out_tongue:
I couldn’t live without Adblock Plus 88). Things look much nicer without ads. Anyway, I don’t use FF’s downloader. Orbit Downloader FTW :-TU (it let’s you “leech” music and videos very easily 88)). lol

All my other addons, like LastPass :-TU WOT :-TU and my Webmail notifier :-TU and other ‘things’ make me love FF.

Hmmm… Is it only me that is using Safari on Windows? HAHA wow.

I have been using Safari since it first came out in Beta for Windows around 2 years ago.
And I have never looked back.

Though, I did try out Chrome right away when it came out, And I found it to very fast indeed, but it was using way to much CPU and Ram for my taste. So I went right back to my lovely Safari, right now i’m using 4.0.4 :slight_smile:

P.S. I only use IE8 when ever I play QuakeLive :wink:

I like QuakeLive, but don’t play it much since 10th Nov 09. :wink:

Apple software for Windows is usually full of bugs/vunerabilities aren’t they?
Example: iTunes.

BTW, how big the Safari installer?

To those who already use 3.6 beta/rc1:
Is it worth to upgrade from 3.5 to 3.6? Or to wait for 3.7?

Hi Jose,

Since Fox versions (betas/RCs) are usually very quickly released as portables I never upgrade the stable one. Why would I bother having a chance of messing something up?
There are always some compatibility issues at the beginning with add-ons/plugins etc.

If you don’t want to use portable USB, you can install it on hard drive and test having your stable Fox intact

If there are problems - just delete the directory with the portable one and that’s it - safe and easy


Well I think that Apple is quite fast in patching those vulnerabilities, and in fact I saw an article somewhere that Firefox was the Browser that had the most holes/Vulnerabilities discoverd in it under 2009 :slight_smile:
And Safari was around 4’th place I think on that list, so not that bad.

And regarding iTunes, the Windows version is quite bad and is a real pain to use, wich is why I do not use it.
But the Mac version of iTunes worked like a charm when I tried it out.

The current Safari installer can you found here and is right now at 40Mb. <.


Hi pranaygtr,
Who told you that? ??? Anything has “bugs/vunerabilities” but MS is the definite leader in that “competition” ;D

Who needs iTunes anyway?

Write anything to the iPod using Python and database rebuilder… and other existing free Tools (just search). I have iPod in addition to 40GB IRiver (that I prefer actually) and can write & play anything I want using iPod and I never touched iTunes

… no QuickTime as well - only the Alternative one is in use

My regards

I never said it did, I was asking.

I don’t use any Apple software and never will.

Back on topic:
Mozilla are going to scrap 3.7 minefield. More frequent updates too.

Personally I think M$ got a undeserved bad security reputation…

Back in the days, Linux had less flaws by default, but these days, IDK… Linux/Mac these days both has many viruses written to them as well with a large user group living in the belief that their OS can’t get viruses…

thread should be updated ;D

Great news! 8) :-TU