Mozilla Firefox 3.0

Anyone going to try the Mozilla 3.0 alpha 2? Obviously I won’t be able to but am curious on some of the new features like rendering etc…not graphical features as these aren’t implemented yet. It is only recommended for a VM environment and if using a previous version of Firefox , namely 2.0, you can’t use this. I never used 2.0 as it kept crashing. It seems not many were happy with 2.0 “or not as many as they had hoped” so they are into the above alpha version. With any luck it will far better than 2.0. You can read the specifics here…

If anyone is into testing or does testing, and keeping in mind it’s alpha, I would like to know your thoughts on it so far and it would be greatly appreciated.



hello thanks for you poste very domaged no mutilanguage

Hello Paul,

I am using Firefox on two different systems running Windows XP Pro SP2 with all of the latest updates and have not had a single problem on either system.


Hi, i’m not disputing the 2.0 problems or that it works for anyone.

I just put this out for those who didnt’ know or want to test 3.0 and would like to know what others think of it. If I could test it I would but can’t at the moment with my setup.

Thanks though,


Really? FF 2.0 has been a dream for me. Better than 1.x for sure. I can’t even get IE7 to install properly, it keeps throwing up script errors, and doesn’t seem to like my JRE, so having FF 2 working so well is great. What sort of problems have you had with 2?