Moving VTROOT from SSD to secondary hdd [Merged]


I am using Comodo Firewall 6.0.264710.2708 on my XP x64 (the last version where the GUI still works on XP x64).

I want to move VTROOT and any other folder away from my SSD to my secondary drive a HDD.

Is that possible ?
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Hi and welcome nilst2014,
A wish for this idea was created in the past, but it was rejected and never forwarded because it was not in the correct format.
It might be worth creating a new wish for this idea.
Wishlist - CIS
Required Wish Format


I was under the impression that this wish was forwarded… Have created a wish now, 1471

Thanks Sanya,
I did find this, but I couldn’t find anything in the tracker.
I have seen the wish you created in the tracker and added my vote. :-TU


Can there be made an option to move the VTRoot folder (or at least the users folder) to another drive where I store data? This way I not run out of space on my C drive and also not loose data when I forget to move the files before putting a partition image back on drive C

You need to create a poll. If you do lots of people will vote YES!

Hi EMN987,
I have merged your post with an already existing topic on the same subject matter.

Please note: Sanya has kindly created a wish in the tracker which has been confirmed.

Thank you.