Moving uploaded files to cabinet

I have uploaded a set of files to be faxed and would like to move them to my cabinet. According to the Help there should be some buttons when looking at the file list but I can’t seem to find them. The only way I can see the files is by selecting the SEND function.

Have I missed something?

You can upload files directly to a folder in the filing cabinet to store them and then send the file from the filing cabinet without any issues.
If you upload a file to the send queue to fax the file is not able to be move other than downloading and uploading to the filing cabinet or sending the file using the email to feature. The email to in trustfax moves the file to the email link folder in the filing cabient. The email sent has a link to the stored file and when the email receipient clicks on the email link to access the file you are notified that the file has been retreived.