Moving the User Profile from "Local" to "Roaming"

I’ve begun using Comodo Dragon personally and professionally. I also install on computers used by other to help promote it. Some of those computer have users with roaming profiles. Since Comodo builds the user profile in “Local” rather than “Roaming”, I can’t set and keep such things as home page, download location, etc.
Is there any way to move the location of user settings from “Local” to “Roaming” so I can make this work ??


Hi and welcome pricetech,
I have a couple of not so elegant possible workarounds.

Add the following line to the target field of Dragons shortcut,
–user-data-dir=“C:\users\Username\appdata\roaming\comodo\dragon\user data”
Example: “C:\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon\dragon.exe” --user-data-dir=“C:\users\Username\appdata\roaming\comodo\dragon\user data”
Downside is, if Dragon is opened from an external source and not from this shortcut a new instance of Dragon opens using the default local profile location.
Note: Copy/Paste the Comodo folder and contents from local to roaming before opening Dragon with the edited shortcut, failing to do so will result in a new Dragon user profile being created without any of your existing settings or preferences.
If you have other Comodo programs installed, you only need to copy the Dragon folder and contents from the local Comodo folder to the roaming Comodo folder.

Possibly easier alternative could be to use the portable version, you can then place the Dragons installation folder (Which stores your user profile/data within) into your preferred location.
Portable Version

Hope that helps.

I like it. That should work for me, though I’ll have to rebuild the profile to accommodate the changes. That’s no big deal since I frequently rebuild to update them.

Users here tend to use desktop shortcuts alone as their primary method of starting a program, but it should be easy enough to modify any other shortcuts too.

Portable version probably wouldn’t work since it would fatten the profile too much. I try to keep the size down so the network doesn’t get flooded when the profiles load.

Thanks for your response and I’ll let you know how it works out for me.


Sorry it took me so long to follow up, but it’s been a busy week.

This worked like a charm. The only issue I’ve seen is the icon for the desktop shortcut on some computers turns into a generic icon. It still works though, so…

I have also created a script that follows the install and copies a modified shortcut to both the main menu and desktop for everyone. I hold off on the first run of the program until the script runs, then first run and create the profile under “roaming”. Works like a charm.

Thanks for response.


Hi pricetech,
Thanks for posting back, I am glad my post helped.

In regards to the icon.
Inside the attached zip folder is a Dragon icon.
Download the attachment and extract the file to a known location.
Then open Dragons shortcut properties select ‘Change Icon’ and navigate to the extracted file.
Kind regards.

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