Moving SSL Cert to a New Email Server

I have Windows 2003 sp1 that is running Exchange 2003 sp2. I have bought a SSL cert from Comodo several months ago. Well long story short I installed a new mail server, Backed up the SSL cert on the old server and moved it to the new Mail server, I also moved all my users to this new server. I setup OWA to work with the SSL on port 443. All is well and working fine except my mobile phone. On my phones I now get a message that is telling me my Cert is invalid. “The security certificate on the server is invalid. Contact your Exchange Server administrator or ISP to install a valid certificate on the server.” I can get my phones to work without SSL but when SSL is selected to use I get the above error.

Any Help would be great.

Thank You

The best recommendation I can make here would be to sumbit a ticket at with your order number and a brief explanation of the issue as well as a link to a page where we can see the error. The support team will then be able to advise further on what the issue could possibly be and how to fix this.