Moving SSL Cert from Single IIS box to NLB


I am new to the whole SSL stuff.

We have a single IIS box which has now been replaced with a NLB farm (made up of 2 nodes and a VIP), can we use the same SSL cert? Were do I install the orginal SSL cert of we can?

Any help would be great?



Hi Mark,

You have to buy certificate for each nodes and can install the certificates.

First install the certificate on node1 where you have generated the CSR.

After you have succesfully deployed the cert in NLB node1, export the cert along with private and import it at node2 via cert.mmc. Then assign the cert to the NLB site via IIS MMC. Double check the port is on 443 and you do see the port binding at command prompt “netstat -an”.

The cert common name will be your NLB URL or the virtual load balanced url. say To test it directly on node2, browse https://node2.

If you need further support, submit the ticket to support.