moving downloaded file to shared space in comodo 8.2.0

I have comodo free firewall 8.2.0 installed on windows 10.
when I download a file from a virtualized browser, it goes into a virtualized instance of my regular download location. How can I get these files into a shared space?

EDIT: Okay, I went into the settings of virtualized chrome, and set the default download location to Shared Space. Now, the downloads go into a virtualized Shared Space. But I still don’t see how to move them to regular file system.

I can go into sandbox advance settings and choose “do not virtualize access to specified files and folders”, but then, ALL downloads will go into the regular file system, which defeats the purpose of running the browser in sandbox.

Hi shmu26,
You can copy files from the ‘Shared Space’ folder to other locations.
The default location is ‘C:/Program Data/Shared Space’.
Note: You can manually add a desktop shortcut pointing to this location for convenience.

It is a hidden folder by default, so you can either search for the location or see the steps in the external link below to show hidden files etc.

Kind regards.

Moving the file doesn’t work for me.
I just now copied a file from virtual download into virtual shared space. That works. But I can’t get it out of virtual shared space. If I copy it to desktop, for instance, it is only available in virtual desktop.

Is it possible that my AV is blocking it, or perhaps Comodo HIPS (but I don’t get any notifications).
I am using Kaspersky, version: Anti-Virus 2016 (it has no firewall/HIPS, so should not be a conflict).

I have Comodo set to Proactive, and in file rating, I disabled trusted vendors (with the exception of microsoft and a few others).

windows 10 pro x64

I discovered that if I go into the VTRoot folder, I can find everything I downloaded virtually, and I can easily copy it or move it to anywhere I want.

Is this normal behavior?

Okay, I think I got it sorted out now.
Leave the default download location as is, so unwanted downloads will be virtualized.
In advanced sandbox settings, enable “do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders”, and select shared spaces.

Then, if I want to access a certain download, I just copy it from the virtual download folder to shared spaces, and voila, it is accessible via the shared space shortcut that I put on my real desktop.

This is the recommended way?