Moving AV database

Hello is there a way to move CIS to another drive without having to reinstall it and all the anti-virus updates? My boot drive is quite small SSD and I notice that CIS takes by far the largest amount of memory (30gb).

Thanks for any help on this.

30 GB, huh? Doesn’t sound right. :o
Are you referring to %ProgramData%\COMODO ?

No I am talking about C:\Program Files\COMODO It is the ‘scanners’ folder that is huge containing all the .cav files 34.9gb. I am in Australia so there may be a delay between replies because of time difference.

That’s WAAAY too high for that folder. What version are you running?

I’m running V10.0.0.6092 and my SCANNERS folder is 1.19GB (1,286,393,856 bytes) / 24 files.

The bulk of this 1.19GB is due to four files;
b0026602.cav (308,148 KB)
b0026663.cav (309,050 KB)
b0026785.cav (310,362 KB)
b0026844.cav (311,161 KB)

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m an Aussie as well so you can reply at will. :wink:

Thanks. I had Ver.8 and have now updated to V.10. This did the trick and I now have room to breath on my boot drive. I am left wondering whether CIS just keeps adding antivirus files (.cav). Appending rather than merging so that in time the amount of data just builds and builds, so that redundant files are just left there? I will keep an eye on it but if this is the case I think it is a bit of a fault.

Every now and again CIS will have a hiccup and leave an older CAV file behind. As I said earlier, I had 4 but I only needed the latest.

My SCANNERS folders is now 320MB (21 files).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Never experienced this issue. It should be around 320 MB as mentioned by [at]panic.

Later edit,
Reported the issue.