Moving an SSL certificate

I have a machine that had to be rebuilt due to disk failure. What is the process to reinstall a certificate and is there a cost?


If you didn’t backup the certificate and private key you wont be able to re-install it.

Send the details to support, with order number and new CSR,they will advise
on how we re-issue these.

Garry Bickerton
Head of Global Support and Customer Care Manager

I believe I have the private key and the certificate on another machine or disk. Are the procedures the same as a new installation?

If you would have successfully backed up the Private key and the SSL certificate, you will have to install the SSL certificate as same as installing the new one. Please refer the link below.

In case, you have lost the private key, please send us the new CSR generated from your new webserver for the correct common name. So that we can reissue it accordingly.

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