move icedragon to new PC

I have been using Ice Dragon for past few months and LOVE it.
I am building new PC, how can I move all settings passwords bookmarks to new PC.
Also plan to run Virtual on new machine. How can I run Ice Dragon in clients and keep
all settings ?

To set your bookmarks over:

right click on bookmarks in the CID menu
click import and backup
export bookmarks to HTML (give file a name)

on other pc, follow the same steps, but now “Import bookmarks from HTML”, point to fileName from above.


Instuctions for Windows 7, it should be similar on Windows 8

  1. goto Control Panel > Folder Options > View
    tick the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”

  2. find the two file paths:

  3. copy the subfolders there which’ll be called xxxx.profile

  4. Install CID to the new system

  5. find its equivalent Local and Roaming Profiles folders

  6. Copy your old xxxx.profile folders to where your new installs equivalents are, and delete the new installs xxxx.profile folders BUT not before you rename your old ones to what the new installs equivalents are called, that xxxx.profile folder name is all thats important