Move cache off SSD

I’ve been using Dragon (v30) for four days now – I’m impressed, but need some help with cache management. I use a SSD with limited capacity for the root drive (C: in WinXPPro SP2) so cannot afford much space for the cache. With Chrome there’s a registry hack to move the cache and limit its size. In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\chromeHTML(dragonHTML?)\shell\open\command:

"C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon\dragon.exe"  --disk-cache-dir="h:\cache" --disk-cache-size=1000000 -- "%1"

This does not appear to work with Dragon – any help appreciated.
Thanks – Paul

Hi and welcome Paul A,
Using the following code in the target field of your Dragons shortcut should achieve your desired result.

"C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon\dragon.exe" --disk-cache-dir="h:\cache" --disk-cache-size=1000000

Right click the Dragon shortcut, select properties and the target field is under the shortcut tab.
AFAIK registry hacks are no longer required like was required for earlier versions.

Kind regards.


captainsticks – many thanks, appears to work.

You are welcome, I hope it continues to work as intended. :slight_smile: