Mouse vs Comodo

SetPoint.exe (Logitech mouse soft) is set as Trusted app; Memory access (Access Rights) for CFP executables also allowed; so why all this entries in D+ log? And what about they are: access blocked or what?


it just logs an activity, it doesn’t block… well, i think so… i don’t know exactly how does D+ logging works and i already pointed devs on that one…

thanks for reply. besides mouse there was only spywareterminator.exe (also accessing comodo’s memory). seems it’s log about protected stuff only

By default, cfp.exe (and other executables grouped under COMODO Firewall Pro in Computer Security Policy) have Interprocess Memory Access protection set to Active (it’s under Protection Settings, not Access Rights). This should override any application’s Inteprocess Memory Access rights, when it tries to access cfp.exe’s memory. I think this is why these attempts are logged (and probably blocked, too).

yes, thank you! - after adding mouse exe in exclusions of CFP Access protection, D+ log is clean now.
But, guys, last time when I spend so much time for software, that was Windows 3.11 ;D