Mouse scroll not working in contained windows

Hello guys,

First post so I’m a new born here. I’m also new to CIS and think it may be my pick going forward as I look for solution that does not use root cert by default and more advanced protection.

I did search forums and apologize if I missed identical answered post. I only found a couple really old posts and no responses. Hopefully someone here can clue me in on a fix.

As the title states, Whenever I open a app in sandbox, I’m unable to use the mouse scroll. As you can imagine, this is a little challenging and, as you can imagine, leading to me running almost everything on the OS rather then using safer practice by keeping it all sandboxed.


Hi HNet,
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We don’t really see this problem. A good start will be to file a bug report in format as suggested here and an example of bug report can be found here.

After you have posted details, we can investigate further.