Mouse Problem on Laptop

Both external mouse & touch pad prob.

Checked for malware, no malware found by various scanners. Mouse settings are on default.

The prob is some places mouse is working too fast i.e previously I had to double click on a folder to open it, now some folders open with double click & some with single click & the prob is they open too fast i.e if I click on a folder to open it the click is so fast that subfolders also open & if I click back it is also too fast & takes me to the start of the folder or more backward. And not just folders its every place like drives, etc i.e if I click to open a browser 2-3 window opens.

What can be the prob? Any info/solution I can try?

Hi Naren,
Have you previously installed some possible conflicting software.
Maybe this?
Check here for steps to take to help find if possible conflicting software is the issue.
What is your OS?

Sysnew is not the prob, checked uninstalling.

XP SP3 32 Bits Eng