Mouse Prob Plzz Help

Mouse is moving & scrolling fine but I cannot click, neither left click nor right click. Any solutions plzz. Event Viewer shows no prob.

Win XP SP3


Can you post a screenshot of the D+ logs? They are in View Defense + Events. Also see if the executables belonging to the drivers of your mouse are getting sandboxed.

Currently I am running Windows Firewall & MSE.

Its a Dell Laptop with an USB Mouse. I tried Uninstall/Reinstall but didn’t worked.


Edit - Tried Windows Update. 1 Hardware Update for Human Interface ID Found. Updated but still mouse not clicking.

One thing if I press little hard little above on the mouse i.e the upper part of the mouse the click happens i.e click is working but it needs hard pressing there.

It sounds like you have a mechanical problem with the mouse. Can you see if there is something stuck between the button and the rest of the mouse?

Is this a new mouse? Bring it back to the store and get a new one.

If it is an older mouse pulling the cover of the mouse off, and try flushing some Methylated spirits through the micro switch while pushing it in and out. This can sometimes flush debris and deposits from within the micro switch which if present make switch contacts hard to make. Allow to dry thoroughly before reassemble.
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Its a transparent mouse i.e see thorugh. I can see when pressed its not making the click contact but when pressed ■■■■■■■ the upper part of mouse its making click contact & click happens. I dont know why its not making click contact when pressed in the usual way on the below part of the mouse?? It suddenly happened. It was working fine.


Shake it and see if there is anything rattling inside the boddy of the mouse.

From your description, there are three distinct possibilities;

  1. Microswitches have failed (unlikely to have both switches fail at the same time)
  2. ■■■■ built up between the switch and the underside of the button or inside the body of the microswitch itself (Captainsticks suggestion covers this)
  3. Physical defect/deformity of the plastic that contacts the microswitch (unusual to have both go at the same time though).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thannxx helping out buddy. Actually the grip of the cover of the mouse was loosened. Pressed it & it got attached and now working fine.


Glad you got it sorted. Kind regards.