Mouse not working?

When Comodo Firewall Pro (Latest version) switches on, my mouse’s left click (and ONLY the left click) stops working. I went to mouse options and switched the buttons around, so right is now left, and right stopped working!

I went into msconfig and stopped comodo from running at startup, and its all good now… but I hear comodo is good, and I’d like to use the program.


Win 7 Home Premium, 32-bit
Everything nicely up to date
Admin account
I havent actally changed anything in comodo, simply because the moment the program tsarts, my mouse stops working.


Welcome to the forum, melkorthefoul

Please Search the forum for “mouse” as a keyword in the 1st place
you will find 2 pages (currently) of discussions and probably you’ll find the solution
That is very old Comodo’s problem for some users/system configurations

My regards

Do the Defense + logs give us a clue here? Can you post a screenshot of them? They are under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.