Mouse freezing

Hi, it’s hopeless again. I purchased a laptop just over a week ago. I put AVG, Spybot S&D, and Comodo Firewall on it. At some point Comodo asked me if I wanted to allow some things to happen and I was trying to answer and the mouse locked. I ended up finishing everything with the computer set up, but every 5 or 10 minutes the mouse froze for 5 min or so. I took the laptop back and they exchanged it for another which worked perfectly fine until after I installed Comodo again and Comodo started asking me whether or not to allow things that were exactly the same as the set up on the previous laptop. Now the mouse freezes again. Obviously something is going wrong with Comodo and unless someone knows what to do I will have to uninstall it and choose another firewall. I have Vista on this machine. Any ideas?

Thank you, Hopeless

Actually, please hold off on a response as I have been playing around for over an hour and the mouse is no longer freezing, so maybe the problem was just temporary this time…

Are you using a mouse which has a helper program running in the background? Synaptics has this for example. When CIS alert it will halt your mouse as a consequence and you can not use the mouse to answer the alert.

Try another mouse or boot to safe mode and add Synaptics to the My Trusted Software Vendors list (Defense + → Common Tasks → MY trusted Software Vendors).