Mouse Driver trying to modify CFD.exe - allow?

I keep getting Defence+ alerts that my trackpad driver is trying to modify CFD.exe. I’ve gathered from other posts that this is a sort of GUI for the firewall. I don’t know what to do. Should I allow this as the mouse might be doing nothing worse than trying to interact with the firewall according to my instructions - or do I block it because it’s a sign that my driver has been compromised and wants to disable the firewall to attack the computer? This install is less than 2 days old, but I didn’t get snowed under by these alerts when I first started using it.

The Comodo icon in the system tray has a red circle with a red diagonal in the lower right hand bit of the shield. I don’t know if this is related (I’ve asked about this in the Firewall help forum, it seemed the right place at the time, I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to cross post)

The laptop’s running Winows XP SP3. The driver is Apoint.exe version and is descibed as ‘Alps Pointing Device’ if this makes any difference.

Problem solved, thanks to this fix suggested by Creasy