Mouse Alignment Issues

Hello, I’m a new to the forums here and I didn’t know if anyone else was having this problem but whenever I go to play a few flash games (mainly candy crush) and watch a few flash videos (MP4upload, AUEngine, and Nomamov) the mouse is not aligned properly. What I mean is the flash based application is seeing the mouse cursor as being in a completely different area than where it is posted so for example, if I wanted to click on a level for candy crush I would bring the cursor over to that target and instead of being able to click on it, I actually end up clicking on something different so what I have to do is bring the mouse cursor further down to be able to click on the level I want. The same can be said with the flash videos. If I tried this on a different browser like google chrome or IE, everything works properly. I’ve tried restarting the browser, clearing the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling but so far nothing. I feel as if something between the flash applications and CD is causing it. Any help would be lovely.

Hi and welcome CrossClown,
There is a known issue between the current Dragon and the Flash Plug-in.
The latest Flash Beta has been known to fix some issues, see the post below kindly created by Radaghast.
embedded youtube videos problem