Mounting CBU file gets an error but does not let me know what it is, or does it?

I’ve been using Comodo Backup for the last two or three months to take the place of the backup software which is in Windows 7 and I just experienced a crash.

I’m beginning to think that moving away from the builtin Windows software way have been a step back.

When the crash first happened, I quickly found out, to my dismay, that there is no recovery disk, but that is another issue I don’t care to get into here.

The issue which is the most important to me is that Comodo Backup does not want to mount the CBU file so I can selectively restore portions of the backup. Further more as it tries to mount and gets an error it just says something like an error occurred and quits trying to mount the image. I’ve looked for a log file or messages in the Windows event logs explaining what happened, but I’ve come up with nothing.

Question 1: Are there log entries I can read somewhere so I can find out why this CBU file is not mounting?
Question 2: If the CBU file is corrupted, is there a way to recover some of the data anyway?

I am going to buy a backup program here pretty soon and recommend it to my company and it’s not going to be Comodo if I can’t get my data back out of this CBU file.

Thanks for any help.


Please update to latest version (Help → Check for Updates)
If the issue is still present, you can try the latest BETA version here.

Yes, in %TEMP%\ComodoLogsFolder and in %SystemRoot%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder.
You can post them (compressed) so we can help you determine cause of the issue.

Yes. You can mount it or you can restore it. When restoring, if data inside is corrupted, the maximum amount of valid data inside will automatically be restored.
Just make sure you use the latest version, because it usually contains most of the reported issues fixed.