Mount Disk Failed error while trying to mount snapshot

I have installed CTM on 2 systems with VISTA as OS.

On one system, everything is working fine. I can mount the snapshot & restore/see individual files, but on the other system I am getting “Mount Disk Failed” error. This error has not been documented anywhere.

The only differences between the 2 systems I could think of are as follows:

  1. The one that works is a new system with only Vista installed. The other one [CTM not working] is on old one with tons of data & softwares.

  2. The old system has O&O Defrag 12.0 installed with Defragment on boot option enabled for drives.

Is O&O Defrag doing something ?


CTM works correctly when O&O Defrag is installed on my Vista. Please check if all driver letter(C:-Z:) are used.
You can try the following to mount your snapshot:

  1. Select settings option “Mount snapshot into NTFS directory” and set a NTFS directory path.
  2. Mount your snapshot.