Motorola Q, Microsoft ActiveSync and Comodo Firewall


I’m trying to synchronize my Motorola Q using MS ActiveSync. Unfortunately, Comodo firewall prevents the synchronization (Custom security level).

When I “Allow All”, synchronization works. The connections activity shows rapimgr.exe connecting UDP OUT destination port 5679. Then rapimgr.exe connects TCP IN/OUT destination port 990. Following this, WCESmgr.exe connects TCP IN/OUT destination ports 999, 5678 and 26675.

To try to replicate this behavior, I tried adding two network control rules:
#1) Allow TCP IN or OUT from IP any to IP any where source port is any and destination port is IN[990,999,5678,5721,26675,]
#2) Allow UDP In or OUT from IP any to IP any where source port is any and destination port is 5679.
Tried to sync using custom security level but it didn’t work.

I then looked at the application monitor and found that WCESmgr.exe wasn’t in the list. I added the application with the following criteria: Skip parent check (as I didn’t know what the parent app. was) and Allow all activities for this application.
This changed nothing and the sync. still didn’t work.

I then proceeded to extended the “Allow all activities for this application” to the following ActiveSync related apps: astu.exe, rapimgr.exe and wcescomm.exe. All to no avail: synchronization of the Q doesn’t work…

I’m at a loss as to what I should try next.
Where is the problem?
Am I not configuring the ports right?
Something I did wrong or incomplete in Application monitor or Network monitor?

If you look in the log (Activity>Log) what address is being blocked when you try to sync? Is it a 169.254.x.x address? If so, then write 2 rules to allow all IP IN-OUT using that IP address for starters then see what happens. Put them at the top of your Network Monitor rules list.

hope this helps,


I have the exact same problem!