Motorola makes a bang at CES 2011

The future is here. Read it. Watch it. If you haven’t, time is now.


We, the people, need a mobile version of CIS and we need it fast. ;D

PS: Please make it a cross platform (android, windows phone 7, meego)

Well, no wonder that a while back I’ve read an article saying that more than 80% of new malware is actually designed for mobile devices !
So I’m with you on the fact that we will need a mobile version of CIS soon and a most important matter also is that maybe they would reduce the power consumption with these new micro devices as opposed to the power hungry desktops that we use now !

Wow, that’s awesome!!

I want it! ;D

That type of device is the future of computing. You have one device that you can take anywhere and then plug it in and watch it on the big screen. No more individual components. Like the media PC replaced having a separate tuner, dvd player, cd player, and so on … you now have all that functionality in one device, as this will eventual replace having separate home computer and work computer and media center. This is where you should invest in. That’s my prediction.