Motherboard/low level utilities aren't working with beta? :(

Please, confirm!

Beta got problems - at least at me on 2 diff. PCs on 2 diff OS (Vista and XP) - with programs which are connected somehow to some hardwares. I’m not using other firewalls/AVs. After beta was installed, the motherboard utilities - such as overclocker, tool to change fan speed, etc. - aren’t working properly on the Vista machine; daemon tools - so far… - (it can create virtual cd/dvd drives, mount cd/dvd images) also not working. There are no messages from CIS, but malfunction messages from the programs since the beta is installed - after i log in to Win -, any ideas?

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May be they are not recognised and get limited by the sandbox function? Try adding the concerned files to of My Own Trusted Files.

And please restart the application after that, once it’s started ‘limited/sandboxed’ you can’t change those permissions on the fly, the app has to be restarted, to get “normal user account” privileges…

And like Eric suggested please check the event log to see what else get’s sandboxed - regular

Ah, thx for the ideas, EricJH & Ronny. I was able to resolve the problem at one application (others weren’t checked), seems i got problems with the Sandbox system. [u]The Sandbox list itself is EMPTY/u, however, after i’ve disabled the Sadbox, the program file was able to run without problems (only fw/d+ asked what to do with the file). I found it quite funny(?), that there’s no event log entry in the usual Windows application event viewer regarding this issue.
Here is the actual application: This is an old download manager, it can modify a system sys file uppon request (to allow more connections).

That’s a bit of the current problem, that “Programs in sandbox” does not contain automatically sandboxed processes, it will only show apps you have put in the sandbox on purpose not the one’s that CIS decided not to trust and Auto Sandbox, you can only find them currently on the logfiles…

And in My Pending Files. :wink:

Yes correct, forgot that one :o

Logical but I have automatically sandboxed items and they don’t appear in My Pending Files.

Submit to Comodo for analysis is checked in sandbox.

Do you have to switch this on, or do i have a bug?