MOTA113.exe False Positive

MOTA113.exe is detected as Heur.Pck.tElock

Product site: ? info is scarce.
If you know what it is part of, I would like to know, please?

CIS database 1035 Heuristics on High.

Alert pic attached.
File attached.

Submitted through email earlier in week, and I think it has been previously reported by someone else.
Maybe double or triple packed?


[attachment deleted by admin]

How do you know it isn’t malware?

Hits 5 0f 39 at Virustotal, first reported/checked in 2006.

CIMA Report (Not rated as suspicious).

Virus Total Report (5/39).


Hi Bad Frogger,

This has been fixed. Please check it with latest base updates.


Sorry, db version 1037 No change in detection.

Verified fixed using DB 1039.

Something is amiss.

Db. 1039 I am still getting detections exactly as in OP.


Db. 1043 all good, fixed.


Thanks for fixing… I also had sent this FP nearly one month back through mail as well as CIS feature. Thanks.