Most of games can't find the servers

I got my HDD formatted and installed Windows 7 Pro 32bits, I had Vista Business 32bits before. I installed all my stuff, got everything updated and all games were working perfectly. So, I decided it was time to install Comodo again, I enabled the sandbox feature since it was working normally under Vista.
Most of my online games, like Archlord, NEO and Luna Online, could not find the servers to connect, it’s not a Gameguard issue, Gameguard was able to start normally. Training or disabling firewall and D+, or even turning Comodo off, didn’t solved the problem. I uninstalled it and all games were working again.
Any clues?

try this, make sure games are closed. Open comodo, firewall at the top, stealth port wizard, pick the second from the top, hit apply. Now open your game and you should get a prompt from the firewall asking about an inbound connection. That should do it.

Thanks, I’ll try it after reinstall and tell you what happened.
Strange thing that I used the very same configuration as I used under Vista.

It didn’t work. Any ideas?
All the rules and configurations are the same from my other computers that are able to run the games.
No configurations work, I put the game client as trusted, there is no log about it, looks like Comodo doesn’t even sees it, even if a disable firewall or close it, the game can’t connect. It only works when I uninstall Comodo.

May be the games get sandboxed? Check the D+ logs under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events. When they get sandboxed look up the executables under My Pending Files, select them and choose to move them to My Own Safe Files.

There are no logs and no pending files from the game client. :-[
It’s like the client doesn’t exist for Comodo, I put it as trusted but, after a restart, the rule vanished.

Is your sandbox enabled? Please disable it and see what happens.

What games are effected? Only the Gameguard protected games or also games with other protection mechanisms?

My sandbox is disabled, there are 3 games protected by Gameguard that are affected but there are games protected with Gameguard that are not affected at all. If there was any kind of log I could take action, but there are no logs at all. I had a problem like that with Hackshield protected games but I was using Onlinearmor. I was forced to uninstall it, nobody could help.
Strange thing that I had no problems when I was using Vista and my computer with XP has no problems either.
Game track clients can see those games normally.
About Luna Online, it can’t even start the 3D engine, no logs.

What do you mean with no logs? Nothing under View Firewall Events and View Defense + Events?

Just to keep track. Three games protected by Gameguard are affected, several other ones aren’t. May be there is a difference between versions of Gameguard? Do you know what versions of Gameguard are being used?

About Luna Online. Does it get sandboxed or not? What happens when you make all executables that belong to Luna part of My Own Safe Files (with Defense + set to Safe Mode)?

There are no logs from the games’ clients, only other logs from others.

Luna GG is 1556, Archlord is 1526 and Flyff (a game that is able to connect) GG is 1551.

Sandbox is disabled, Luna doesn’t get sandboxed. If I put Luna files under My Own Safe Files I get the same problem. All problems are gone when I uninstall Comodo.

Looks like Comodo can’t see them and they can’t run.
Looks like the same problem from beta test

Can you show me a screenshot of your Global Rules? They can be found under Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy.

I uninstalled it, but they where only the default ones, the rules for emule, bittorrent …