Most likely a sandbox issue

I had previously installed another ver of Comodo , I believe the firewall only and had no problems.

But CIS is now seriously interfering with the functionality of my software.

It seems to have added 4 programs to the sandbox , which are not located in the unrecognized files list.

I’m not sure if it’s the firewall or defense + causing the issue.

I have to say this software if fairly unintuitive. Is there no where I can choose a program and not just an executable to have full access ? I wasn’t even prompted to add these programs to the sandbox and I don’t know how to remove from there.

Uninstalling the software resolves the issue. I’m not willing to spend 2 hours reading up on how to configure a software properly when it causes issues immediately after installation.

I’m extremely frustrated at the user unfriendliness of this application. The comodo firewall prompted me every time to allow or block certain apps yet CIS does no such thing and trying to fix it seems very difficult.

My “partially limited” software are not functioning as they should , they work but are useless until they can be given full access to my pc’s resources.

How do you see/know these files are sandboxed?

Please try the workarounds in App. is not working correctly, but does not seem to be s/boxed. What to do? [v5] and let us know if they help.