Most innovative security company?

I didnt want to put a poll because i felt it would limit responses.

This is based on innovation not the effectiveness of their products. Ideas/features in their products count, not how well they work.

Its an understatement COMODO is one of the most if not the most innovative so for discussion sake please dont say COMODO. :BNC :■■■■ (:WIN)

I’d say Kaspersky is the most innovative. In each release of their product they always add new ground breaking technology, in once release they added sandboxing, and their new version 8.0 (still in beta) has completely redone their antivirus engine, they added less intrusive proactive defense, sandboxing, on the fly decompression and so many other great things.

Of course COMODO would be my pick but we all know that ;).

You might say it’s Kaspersky.
I say it’s ME.


Oh, forgive me, I forgot I’m just a person, not a company…