more user friendly popups so novice users can make better decisions option

this is one of the biggest complaints i hear about on why people don’t suggest Comodo to novice users. i agree that some popups don’t communicate to the novice user the pros and cons of allowing, block, sandboxing etc. make the popups do this better by looking at the events the popups are talking about from a novice users perspective that way everyone from across the board can make better decisions by themselves and of course can turn on the more techy popups if they want or have the user friendly popup on but have a link for techy people to click to get more details if they wish without having to switch. just in case they are helping someone who’s a novice user who’s using the novice setting. also of course protect the user as much as possible without needing popups at all. i’m running in proactive mode and rarely ever get popups. i think i’ve went a few months or so without one so as far as i know you guys are doing good at keeping them silent