More than one "ANTIVIRUS"

(R) To make a long story short I’ve been away from my LapTop for about 5 months (:SAD) and just reinstalled “COMODO Firewall Pro with Defence +” (:CLP) and as i was going through the options to configure my settings i noticed something new that caused my heart to jump into my throat ??? In the “Log Viewer” there is a new catigory “Antivirus Logs” :o As i already have “avast Antivirus” installed on my PC and as it is very Very VERY HARMFULL to have more than one Antivirus Program installed on a PC this observation leads me to my question at hand (:NRD) Is this new version of "COMODO Firewall Pro Ver 3.5.54375.427 also inclusive with an Antivirus Program :THNK (as of which nothing was indicated of such during the install process)

Your help and suport in this matter will be greatly apreceated.

In advance, thank you for your time in regards to my inquiry.

Hi Nosnibor, welcome back.

Version 3.5 is called CIS (Comodo Internet Security) & it does contain an AntiVirus component. On install CIS 3.5 will (or rather should) offer the options to install the Firewall, Defense+ & AntiVirus on a single pop-up. Later, on a separate pop-up, there is an additional install option (Comodo SafeSurf + browser toolbar).

So, you should have been offered the options on install.

More than one AV? In general it is considered a bad thing (not as bad two firewalls). Some people believe it is not only possible to run two AVs, but desirable (there are some “heated” posts on this very subject in these forums). However, in my personal opinion, the problem with two AVs is not their coexistence on a single system… but, what happens if both AVs detect the same threat at the same time. That could be trouble.

At the time i sent my previous post i was in the process of configuring the firewall settings then later found info on the COMODO Antivirus in the help files. Apon further investigation i relized that COMODO Antivirus HAS NOT BEEN INSTALLED. On the COMODO main page there is NO tab for Anitvirus…even though in the Log Viewer there IS a heading for Anitvirus. This some what confusing detail in my opinion i would consider a FLAW within the program and should be corected in upcoming updates. In other words if COMODO Antivirus IS NOT INSTALLED with the Firewall why have it noted in the LOG VIEWER. This heading in the log viewer in my opinion will just cause further confusion in other users in the future. :THNK

If this entire thread could by forwarded to the program develepers i’m sure they would agree with my statment (:NRD) and mark it for correction :BNC

It’s just there if you want to add the AV through add/remove at a later date. It’s not a big deal although I will concede it can be confusing.

ok thanks for your time…END