More than one antivirus reported

On Windows XP SP3 Security centre, I get the message ‘Windows found more than one antivirus on this computer.’

Comodo Internet security is the only program installed.

Do I need to check in the registry there are not traces of previous antivirus programs? I did have Avast and AVG installed at different times a while ago but they were properly uninstalled.

Hi Wasp,

Sounds like a corrupt Wbem repository to try to repair, try the following line in your command prompt then press enter.
rundll32 Wbemupgd, Upgraderepository

If that fails try the next lines in command prompt followed by enter after each line to rebuild repository.
net stop winmgmt
rd %systemroot%\system32\wbem\Repository
net start winmgmt

Edit: You may copy/paste each command line in preference to typing them if desired.

Thanks for your reply.

When I turned off Comodo it said AVG was running so that was the other antivirus. I tried deleted AVG related files from the registry with no luck.

Managed to cure the problem before you replied - not sure exactly what it did but this program fixed it.

Thanks again

Mod edit: Please note the link in this post is for a direct download, Captainsticks.

Hi Wasp,
Glad you found a solution.
Anyone requiring information on the Click ‘n’ Fix tool please check here.