More than 700MB RAM during scan

Peak memory usage during scan:

Peak memory over 700MB!!!

and cannot surf during scan of My Computer.

Can you tell if that is a continues usage or just the highest peak it reached ?
If a peak do you know what files it was scanning during that peak ?

Not continous. Peak only noticed.
Sorry, I couldn’t see what files was being scanned to reach that amount (get tired after 30 minutes - I have more than 400Gig’s in my HDD’s, it’s a long scan…)
I will try again at daybreak.

OS: XP SP3 32bit
CIS settings: D+ off, AV off, FW safe
HDDs: 2, about 700GB of data in about 1 mil. files

I don’t know how much memory it should be using during the scan or if it’s going to release it after it finishes, but it certainly shouldn’t eat more than 50% of the RAM memory I have. 200-300MB was something, ~2GB is another.

The second thing is it NEVER stops a scan, even if I press Stop Scan. I usually end up killing all of its processes and rebooting to get it to work properly again.

This is not good :frowning:
Consumes way to much memory.
Could you try to use context menu scan and scan root folder by folder to see if you can pin point which folder contains the files that cause this ?

Hi, Ronny:

Sorry to take so long to answer. Let’s go to the topic:

This happens when scanning an 250GB-HDD full of many .rar and .zip files sized from 50 up to 400MB, most rar’s and zip’s with .jpg’s pictures and a few ones with .doc files inside.

v477 behaves the same.

Memory usage seems to grow up to ~700MB and then decreases to something like 150-200MB and then start growing again (ciclic, repeats over and over).

I did 2 scans with v477 and 2 others with v471, with D+ on and with D+ off. Nothing else was running. The results were about the same.

Just to make an comparison, I installed that HDD in another PC with the same configuration (CPU, MB, RAM, OS) and did a deep scan with NOD32 v2.7 (no CAVS installed in this second PC) and I’v got totally different results.

The worst thing is that when scanning with CAV the PC is unusable (~20sec to just open explorer, impossible to use internet). I know the PC is NOT any Fellipe Massa with his Ferrari, but shouldn’t be so slow like this. CPU time/usage was normal, mostly 3-10% with peaks (very short time each, not so close each other) of about 80%.

This is what I’v noticed.

If you want and if you could wait a little more, during next 2 days I can make manual scans file by file (but this will take a long time due too many files)

If I could be of ANY help, just ask! I’ll be happy to help you.

Thanks for those replies. And, again, sorry to take so long to get back here.

hmm… I’v found at least one!

Memory reached ~500MB when scanning one 168MB “X.rar” file that has 2 others “Y.rar” and “Z.rar” files inside of it. Those 2 .rar (Y and Z) have ~60 .jpg files + 3 .txt files each. (I know, it’s a stupid thing, but… having one compressed file with others compressed files inside happens all the time!)

I didn’t check the rest. Discover this “by accident”. It helps?

forgot to say: v477 crashed once (the other scan I didn’t let it finnish), when at the end of “My Computer” scan, after all the files being scanned.

No problem on the reporting delay, better a delay then no feedback at all :wink:

How are your “Do not scan files larger then” settings ?
And have you tried scanning with “Scan archive files” disabled to see if this reduces/removes the problem ?

Hi Ronny,

  1. “Do not scan files larger than” is at the top: 1024 (with abort file scan within 5 min selected)
  2. with “Scan archieve files” disabled nothing weird is noticed. (not scanned !?)

I can’t see the point…

Let’s imagine an HDD removed from a “clean” system just to be used as an USB external HDD. It must be clean no matter what: file size, type… It should be trustfull (if previously scanned by CIS) and no matter what’s running/installed on the the other system…

AND, just to confirm my last posts: high memory usage (unsual) on compressed files with compressed files in, up to 2nd and 3rd level (a compressed file with a compressed file with compressed files inside, and so on) are happening. (did it over 50GB with manual scan / >100 files)

I’m taking care of this (I don’t have no problem, at all). But this must be solved for the “average Joe”.

Anything else?

Well that explains a bit the tweaked setting :wink:

The AV is designed with the following in mind, malware can’t infect your system as long as it’s not hitting your harddisk and/or memory. With that and the fact that it’s a brand new component of CFP/CIS they are not immediately targeting this large, zip in zip archives because it can’t infect you on the spot.

I agree on the fact that you would like to know if your “External Drive” is free of nasties before you go plug it in someone else s computer that does not have an AV for example. I guess that will be further on on the roadmap for this scanner, like Melih said he expects to need a full 12 months for it to grow…

I guess best thing to do is post it on the Wishboard, to have more “tweaks” on archives and the depths etc…

hmmm… Ok, now I understand. It’s “by design”.

I have NO DOUBT that I’m very well protected.

BUT, otherside, due to this “behave” now I’m sure that my risks can be at VERY VERY HIGH levels if I don’t have CIS/AV running for some reason, EVEN when not connected to the net. Without CIS running I CANNOT trust-at-all in my compressed files previously “scanned” by CIS… :-[

From now on, I will double-check my HDD’s when installing them on others machines (maintenance/rescue/etc).

I’m sure this will be changed. Or, at least, I have this faith.

THANKS for all. Very nice to have guys like you here. :-TU :Beer

edit: choices/options avaiable in “Configurations/Expert” of Avira Premium are a good example, quite an extreme thinking about options/choices for the avg, but something can be observed, as an example. If (today) Avira is one of the best, CIS guys should, at least, consider it’s ability as an example to reach the top. One step at once, I know it, but some guys are thinking about taking a whole floor instead… And my concearn is about bad marketing, if things takes an year to happen. CIS is in FINAL version, it’s NOT a RC anymore (with AV never was!!!) !ot! :comodo110:

Well that you are not protected is not completely true, if I’m correct it will only go trough 2 layers of compressed files, and of course the “size to scan” has something to do with that also…

I think we will see more “features” once the base engine is improved.

fingers crossed.


(I’m very sorry for the “bad times” given to you, my english is not perfect yet. I do love and trust in COMODO.)

No problem, English also isn’t my native language.