More Support for Linux and Other OSes

I am a long time user of AVG Antivirus and have been using Comodo Firewall for maybe a year. I found out today about Comodo Antivirus and was extremely excited when I found that there was a version for Linux. I will be testing it shortly to see if I want it to replace AVG on Windows and will definitely be testing it on Linux.

I am a big fan of the Comodo Firewall and recommend it to my customers who are interested in more security. I would love to see a version of the Firewall for Linux. As Linux desktops grow in popularity so too will cyber attacks on them.

Though commercial software is not as popular with Linux users as it is with users of Windows and OS X, it certainly won’t hurt to have your name known among a growing Linux home user community. And hey, if people are getting their operating system for free, shouldn’t they have more money to invest in security.

Thanks for the free versions of the firewall and antivirus!