More right-click menu options

(Hopefully I’ve searched enough that this isn’t a duplicate wish.)

I would like some features added to the right-click menu access to Comodo. :-

  • copy registry key to txt file. The way CIS reports bad registry keys is a bit curtailed - not the full path & one needs to save the whole scan result & then find the entry in it & then search for it with regedit… Would be nice to be able to extract & save the key just in case it isn’t malicious.

  • More ability to interact with the logs (& scan results) - copy the info out from the log etc with a right click - i.e. single selected lines rather than the whole page.

  • A ‘browse to’/‘open container’ for the log entries would be equally useful.

  • A way to search the logs/lists for specific files, at the moment it’s a manual job…
    (this is something I’ve wanted for a long time but it was especially obvious today seeing that ‘add to trusted’ etc is now available on a right click.)

& unrelated & unnecessary but useful,

  • a way to preview skins without a prog restart.

Thanks Comodo for producing a great product, FYI I was given an free 12 month license for Kaspersky IS, it lasted about 4 hours before I went back to CIS :wink: