more PURGE buttons needed

Is there is any chance to see purge button inside
D+/Computer Security Policy/App System Activity Control/Process Access Rights/Modify Settings Button?
(see attached screenshot)

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This is already in the wish list.


+1 (please add a poll)

Where? I found only one more or less relevant thread. Others are about kind of automatic purge (maybe bad search on my side).

Regarding this FR. Processing (purging) all “Modify Settings” under /Computer Security Policy/App System Activity Control/Process Access Rights/ by one “global” purge button would be also good addition as opposed to manually entering “Modify Settings” for each process in order to be able to purge unnecessary items.

I don’t remember exactly. It might have been an older wish list because it was so long ago ???

Ok , I found some references to it (many of them I do not list here because they are in the moderators’ private and Usability Study Group’s boards):

every voice speaking for this is a needed voice.
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I may have missed couple of them :frowning:

Bumped with the poll added. Such useful option is still not implemented yet 8(

edit: also need such buttons at AV exclusions list and Software Vendors list (purge vendors which product is not installed on system)