More Powerful "connection-alert" Pop-up

  1. What actually happened or you saw:

So often I get a alerted that a new app wants to connect to port X. And then port Y. And then port Z. These are specific to the app, so it’s not appropriate to make a Ruleset for this. Usually I will use the “Remember my answer” checkbox to make a rule, then go into the Firewall Settings to find & modify that rule to include the port or IP# range. I really wish I could create that full rule with the same options within that alert dialog.

  1. What you wanted to happen or see:

The small pop-up window which appears when Comodo Firewall detects an incoming or outgoing connection should be enhanced:

  • change the title from “Comodo Firewall” to “Comodo Firewall Alert” it’s easier to reference in posts/calls/etc

  • At the top is the protocol (ie: TCP), IP#, and port. These should be modifiable including to DNS names and ranges - just like when creating a firewall rule

  • mousing over the Application filename should show the full path to it as a tooltip

  • currently if there are multiple alerts pending, you can only see the top one. It’d be nice to be able to see other pending ones if they’re out there.

  1. Why you think it is desirable:

Streamline the creation of rules.

  1. Any other information:

Hmmm… I’m not sure. I think that you might have ran into an existent issue.

Could you maybe elaborate a bit more with exact replication steps?
Sorry for the misunderstanding. Some pictures might elucidate the mystery.

Thank you.

I added some comments to a screenshot. See attached.
That’s the changes I’d really, really love to see. And I’m happy to answer questions all day long about it :slight_smile:
An alternative to making the “Remote” and “Port” fields editable would be to call up the big rule-adding/editing screen for that executable. I think I’d be happy either way.

A suggestion of lesser importance which I mention here b/c it’s part of that alert-window:

I love that you can click on the executable’s name to see it’s properties. And I love that it’s highlighted so people know it’s clickable!
A nice touch would be to show the full path to the executable as a tooltip when people hover over it.
And an extra nice touch would be a little context menu for it - right click on the executable name and get the options to:

  • “Copy as path” (same wording that Windows Explorer gives in the context menu when you shift+right click on a file)
  • “Open Containing Folder” (in default file manager)

[attachment deleted by admin]

It seems like there is already a wish request in the tracker which suggests a button that would let the user edit a draft rule on firewall & HIPS alerts. However, it mentions that editing should be possible only in some configurations :

  • Firewall : “Custom Ruleset” ;
  • HIPS : “Paranoid Mode”.

What do you think?


I think that’d be even better. Especially if the button pulls up the “Comodo Application Rule” window where we could add multiple new rules and even edit existing ones.

Making those fields editable like I suggested in my mockup image would be a faster / simpler use interface, but adding a button to get to the real, full rules would:

  • be something users are already familiar with
  • have the full power of the Comodo firewall
  • be less additional new code to have possible bugs & have to maintain

And making the option only available in the Custom Rules mode makes sense to me.

But how should this Edit Rules button interact with the alert-dialog?

My first thought is as another action-button like Allow, Block, and Treat As.

But what if someone clicks on the new button and then doesn’t make a rule that applies? Or they make a rule with the action of “Ask”?

Say a program is trying to send packets to a port “1111” and someone edits the rules and adds a rule that’s specific to port “2222”? Or if they just make no changes to the rules at all?

In that case, I think the same alert-dialog should pop back up with the same options to Allow, Block, Treat As, or Edit Rules. It’d be a nice touch to include a message in red text on that screen like “None of the edited rules apply to this.”

The best approach would be to wait for that wish request to be implemented since there is a high risk that this wish request might get rated as “duplicate”.

I will move this report to “Added/Rejected Wishes” section.

Thank you.