More Power To "View Active Process List" Feature

Why not bolster up “View Active Process List” feature with the ability to scan for hidden processes. It can be used to detect hidden rootkits, keyloggers… if at all they get inside. It would be like a built-in anti-rootkit tool.

CIS is already top notch on the prevention side. With the additional features being added to the anti-virus, a powerful scanner like this, along with it, will make the detection side world-class as well.

I think this is what BOclean intergration is for If not i would like it

4.0 may repeat may have something like this


Pure anti-malware applications where never made to be expert anti-rootkit scanners. I think people would prefer specially crafted anti-rootkit tools such as GMER over, even the best of anti-viruses. It will be hard to accurately state how effective CAV 4.0 (BOClean) will be until it is put to test, when it comes out.

It kinda feels like a HIPS thing - dealing with the more sophisticated baddies.


Truns out BOclean is Anti-rootkit/rootkit Removal here is a topic with banners for BOclean and they talk about rootkits. (Comes out on the 12th with CIS)

When CIS 4.0 comes BOclean will have options

But i would still love to see a better “running process list”.

how about additional process info
CPU usage, private memory, hard disk IO
see for reference Process Explorer Process Explorer - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

Comodo Cloud Scanner does have some ability to see hidden processes…

we will come up with these features in CIS. But these are all “Cleaning” functionalities rather than “Prevention”. But we started in our “Cleaning” phase for CIS…:slight_smile: