more options for comodo sandbox

I use sandboxie now and would like a few options added to comodo to convince me to switch to its sandbox.

1.simplify the recovery of files from the sandbox so it comes as a popup to choose whether to be moved to shared space or not both at the time that it finishes downloading as well as before exiting.
2.give the tray icon more power so i can run say my default browser sandboxed without having to go through gui or right click run.Also options to run explorer sandboxed and many of the sandboxie options.
3.Make the virtual kiosk a full fledged environment with an explorer like file browser and also a proper start menu to show all programs on the computer and not just browsers as it does now.
4.Make a delete on exit option so that the environment is clean everytime i leave it.Keep in mind the suggestion of point 1 that will allow only what i want to be moved to shared spaces before nuking the sandbox.
5.make the sandbox settings tab in advanced settings show more options and choices as it is a little sparse right now.give a little more control to users to choose the level of virtualisation to be used when anything is run manually or via right context menu in the sandbox.
6.Alllow an option for full virtualisation along with the current choices. im not familiar with terminology but it should be equal to or better than the level of sandboxie.

This will allow the sandbox to be more functional as right now i find it a gimmick compared to sandboxie.Again i accepts its a little early but i just want this excellent product to improve and would like to appologise if this offends anyone. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I like the idea of it prompting when downloading a file (as an option that could be checked by users in the settings) but I worry that asking every time before exiting the Kiosk could become annoying after a while.

Currently you can run installed browsers as virtualized by clicking on the browser through the widget (which is one of the most useful things about the widget) or by double clicking on the shortcut Comodo makes upon installing.

I like this idea.

Okay, I think the best way to incorporate this is to have an option to Reset the sandbox on exit, and only if that option is selected should it prompt you to merge everything with your real system.

+1. Hopefully this sort of functionality will be added in later releases. Remember that this is the first release of the Kiosk. I’m sure that with time it will improve in terms of functionality.

I’m not sure about what you’re looking for here. Are you saying that there should be an option for the Behavioral Blocker to automatically sandbox everything with full virtualization? If so there already is that functionality (although currently only accessible through a registry hack).