More keyboard shortcuts!

Whenever I’m viewing a list of some sort, the delete key should always remove the highlighted item from the list. The enter key should show more information such as properties of the highlighted item or it should bring up the edit menu if possible. Ctrl+A is a little weird in the computer security policy because not only does it highlight all (which is good), but it allows typing to search and this gets in the way of a simple highlight all. Alt+P should do a purge if the option is available.

Here’s an example of how I think shortcuts should work in the active process list.

Active Process List
-Delete key to terminate
-Shift+Delete to terminate and block
-Alt+Delete to terminate all sandboxed processes
-Shift+Alt+Delete to terminate and block all sandboxed processes
-Alt+O to do an online lookup
-Alt+S to submit
-Alt+F to toggle show full path
-Alt+B to toggle show sandboxed

Vote +1 if you want this feature added!