More ICS, DHCP and Comodo

I have spent HOURS reading threads and tweaking Comodo settings trying to get DHCP to work with ICS. I have gotten NOWHERE. I must use ICS, for we are so rural, the only “high speed” is satellite, and that just does not work (try using VNC and you will know what I mean).

I have deactivated everything except Network Monitor (e.g. Application Monitor is off, Component Monitor is Off, Application Behavior Analysis is off). So, it should be simple, right? HAA!

Under Advanced Attack, everything is disabled. Alert Freq is very high.

I used a network monitor to watch activity, and I see the port 67, 68 and 137 activity. I opened these ports. I have messed with it a bunch, trying all kinds of recommendations on these forums. I do not want to open all traffic on the trusted network, for we have some guest connections that are less than trustworthy.

I like Comodo, but I am almost convinced this is a bug with the firewall software. I hate using something wimpier or with a heavier overhead.

I really need help. I took 2 screen shots and merged them together so you can see all the rules at once. PLEASE HELP

Thanks in advance.

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G’day junkmonkey,

I know this is not an answer to your query, but have you considered using V3 of the firewall?

I only suggest this as it has dedicated settings for ICS users and DHCP can be catered for with two zone based rules to allow traffic across your LAN.

If this is not acceptable, or you really want to get it right on V2, reply and when I get home in a week or so, I"ll dig deeper for you. V2 can work with ICS and DHCP, but it can be a bit of a fight to get it right. :wink: Hang in there

Ewen :slight_smile:

I will try V3. I have trimmed down the rules since the previous post too. Upgrading on this machine is a bit problematic as it is running jobs 24/7/365… but I guess this is the obvious next step.

Thanks, I will let you know.