More feedback from the GUI about the current state of CIS

Hi there,
I found several threads about more feedback from CIS via the tray icon. I also requested this over one year ago for CFP 3.0. I don’t understand why this is not implemented - since any other AntiVirus or Firewall uses this possibility to make the user aware of its current state. (Sometimes only enabled/disabled, sometimes more in detail) Also any other software makes excessive use of this way to notify the user about it’s state.

Ok, for some reasons it seems, Comodo doesn’t like the idea. So I’d like to make another proposal:
I faked a screen shot, so that you can easily see, what I mean.

I’d like to have an semi-transparent, click-through, always on top symbol somewhere on the desktop, which notifies the user about an exceptional state of CIS. (In this case “Real-time scanner is disabled”)

So the idea is let the user somewhere define, what’s the default state for the different components on his computer. Let’s say default state for “Defense+” is “Paranoid Mode”. If the user changes to another state via the tray icon for example “Training Mode”, an overlay corresponding to “Training Mode” is displayed to notify him, that his Defense+ isn’t in it’s default state.
You can also display more symbols if different components aren’t in their default state.

This could also replace the very intrusive warning messages, that CIS is in installation mode (I don’t like these windows popping up from time to time - if the installation still runs, it’s just disturbing). I’d prefer a permanent but decent overlay which is displayed all the time CIS is in installation mode to remind me.

Because the symbols are always on top, they are hard to miss - on the other hand by making them semi-transparent and click-through they don’t disturb a lot, when you want to access the area behind them.

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Few points:

  1. The desktop icon you mention wouldn’t work for me. I never use my desktop.
  2. Timers to automatically turn features back on after a user defined time period of being disabled would be better than having an icon to tell you the state it’s in. That way, if you leave the computer, it will switch back when the time you select runs out.
  3. If you’re my brother, you frequently fall asleep on your keyboard and can’t see the icon.:slight_smile:

Both features (icon and timers) would be preferred if you could disable the desktop icon if you wanted.