moodle instalattion not working with COMODO WAF

I have updated to the last version.

I tried editing the file
nano /var/cpanel/cwaf/rules/00_Init_Initialization.conf

and comment
#SecComponentSignature “CWAF_Apache”

But is still does not work and says that there is compatability problem with COMODO WAF


could you send us error logs?

Try turning off “Server signature”.
That fixed it for us :slight_smile:

Thank you for the tip, Hedloff :slight_smile:
You’re absolutely right.
This issue can be fixed by unselecting ‘Set Server Signature’ checkbox in ‘Security Engine’ tab and updating config
Possible pitfall: Check if ‘Audit Log Type’ set to ‘Serial’. Otherwise this can lead to problem with Hits List in ModSecurity™ Tools

Regards, Oleg

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