Monster problems with Comodo 4 beta 4

I downloaded version 3 but was forced to download to v 4 beta 4. I used this to do a full backup of my computer.
I also requested backup of Outlook with Pst files. Also I requested backup of printer settings. I use Windows 7 Home Premium.

Firstly the restore of the main backup left out most programs with drivers forcing me to download new versions.
microsoft Office for home use will not install.

Secondly to be able to read my mail I downloaded a trial version of Outlook 2007. Every time I attempt a restore I get error 15 “busy”.

If I try to restore directly from the USB backup drive I am told the program only works with internal HDDs.

I paid for Office 2007 with a friend who lives overseas now so I cannot reinstall although I still have the Product Key.

Please help urgently. :o

This topic is locked. I will reopen it as there does not seem to be a reason for it to be closed.

May topic starter closed it accidentally.

I don’t know who locked this, but I would not since I am waiting for assitance

I am continuing to have problems restoring my backups . When trying to restore the full backup to drive C I get ERROR 64 Busy.

Is there nobody at comodo willing to help?


When this error occurs the program asks you if you want to schedule your restoration after a reboot. You can select to accept. After you reboot your computer the restore process will start right after Windows starts.
Have you tried this?

Thank you.

Sorry it does not. The backup is on a USB hdd and I am told that restoration will only be done from an internal drive.

I am therefore buggered.


The backup is only recommended to be on an internal drive because there are some cases where the restoration in native environment (at reboot) could not work but you still can do it. A question should appear in the top yellow bar for you to schedule the restoration after reboot.
Alternatively, you can try to copy your backup on one of the internal hdds’ partitions and restore it from there.

Thank you.

Thank you for this useless news. You have now confirmed to me to NEVER EVER recommend every Comodo product in future. Because of your faulty software I have lost programs worth thousands of Dollars. THANK YOU. When did you clever people ever say do not use USB drives?

How do I now get Microsoft Office? Sorry I know you do not know!!!


The schedule for a restoration at next boot should work even if on an external hard disk. The message (that tells the backup must reside on an internal drive) apppears only for things like mapped network drives or DVD-ROM drives (that wouldn’t be available in Windows native environment). There may be a problem with your external hard disk recognition.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

I had a case back along where CBU would not do a restore because the back up file was on an USB drive. How does one check to see if we have a problem with our external hard disk recognition.?


You try to restore a used file from a backup which is on that external hard disk.
The used file may be a dummy movie, photo, or anything that is opened while restore is attempted.
This will require a restart.
If you get error 46 (invalid path) when restoring, then the external drive can’t be used to restore backups that require restart.


OK Thanks.


Please help once again. My backup program is already beta 5. I am getting cose 55 error and still cant restore. Urgent . I now have the backups on a new internal HDD .

Please post the log (you can enable logging to file in backup step 3) or a screenshot with the error.


Here is the log file for your information excluding date and time:-I am logged in as administrator

Opening Backup
Opening backup file D:\C_full_files.cbu
Restoring full backup
Reading backup information…
Checking if destination is in use
Item C:.htaccess cannot be accessed. Make sure you have enough privileges
Recovery failed with code 55 ( Access denied)


We found the cause of the issue.
An update with the fix will be available in one or two weeks.


Looking forward to being successful. Thanks

When do you confidently expect to issue a fix for this problem?

This month.


Emanuel please tell me that I will be able to restore a STABLE system.

I keep on getting a message that I must reistall Windows which you know means losing all my data.