"Monster attack steals user data"


An interesting article, I thought.
Having all the protection in the world on your PC won’t protect you from websites (that have your personal information) being abused\hacked.

So true. Just goes to show you that each individual has to take some action on their part to ensure their security… awareness of what is going on is a key thing.


"This remote server held over 1.6 million entries with personal information belonging to several hundred thousands of candidates, mainly based in the US, who had posted their resumes to the Monster.com website,"

Christ … somehow it reminds me of this :

and no, this image isn’t mirrored, proved by the RFID-flag on his liberal side …
Just another reason to lie your socks off in online forms .

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Jobs portal Monster.com has released more details about the severity of the attack on its site. It said confidential details of more than 1.3 million people, mainly Americans, were stolen by malicious hackers who carried out the attack.


Something I think is interesting about this is that they didn’t brute-force hack the sites… they logged in with stolen (but otherwise legitimate) credentials.

So they used some form of social engineering or other “sneaky” means of getting legit info, then used that for their sinister purposes.

They note that it focused on Americans; I wonder what Monster’s worldwide usage is anyway?