I am on holiday in the UK, and I am using a netbook and your Trust Connect to write this note. The B&B where I am staying offers free wireless which they say is “monitored.” What are these monitors seeing while I am connected through Trust Connect to your or any other Internet site? What would they see if I wasn’t using Trust Connect? I really don’t like other people peeking over my shoulder while I am reading and writing. Thanks for helping.

They could be monitoring the quantity of bandwidth consumed per connection (this would be my guess to ensure that one guest isn’t killing or hogging the entire bandwidth).

They could be monitoring many things, but as soon as you establish the Trust Connect connection, the actual data packets are encrypted.

They will still be able to “see” that packets are going to and from your connection, but the contents of those packets are only legible to the sender and the recipient.

They might stand over your shoulder while you read and write, but they can’t decipher.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

It sure does help. Thank you so very much. Your answer was very clear, and much appreciated.