Monitor problem after updating.

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence but after I updated my Comodo firewall then restarting my PC, the color quality of my monitor has somewhat deteriorated. It has become greenish and colors such as red, orange and yellow are not distinguishable.

Do I have a problem on my monitor and it is just a coincidence that it happened after the update? It is also possible that my PC is infected with a virus or spyware/malware that caused this problem? I’m not an expert on computers and I really appreciate if somebody could help me and give his/her opinion.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forums, Cang-ipos.

A monitor issue might be a possibility. Have you restarted the firewall or your computer to see if that makes a difference?

I actually updated my CPF about 7 hours ago and I restarted my PC after downloading. Then, I experienced the problem (which I’ve never encountered before|) after it. I tried scanning for viruses and spywares/malwares but got none.

:BNC And for whatever reasons as I was browsing this forum, my PC monitor flickered a bit several times and its normal color quality of was slowly restored. This is really the first time I encountered this kind of problem.

I’ve been using CPF for about 2 months now and I am very satisfied with the result. I will just give my feed back in case the problem reoccurs.

Thank you very much Sir for your reply.

Glad it’s working normally for you now.

Just a note - an old monitor or one that’s exposed to extreme temperature conditions can sometimes show strange signs, including discoloration.

Also… you said that the monitor “flickered” and then seemed to work. This can be caused by the monitor’s video cable having a bad connection. Try disconnecting the video cable and reconnecting it securely…